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An Official Publication of the Indian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists
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207Extraction, Preconcentration, and Quantification of Low Levels of Free Formaldehyde from Some Beverage Matrices by Combination of Ultrasound-Assisted-Cloud Point Extraction with Spectrophotometry
Nuket Kartal Temel,Ramazan Gürkan
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208Formaldehyde and Glutaraldehyde Inactivation of Bacterial Tier 1 Select Agents in Tissues
Jennifer Chua,Joel A. Bozue,Christopher P. Klimko,Jennifer L. Shoe,Sara I. Ruiz,Christopher L. Jensen,Steven A. Tobery,Jared M. Crumpler,Donald J. Chabot,Avery V. Quirk,Melissa Hunter,David E. Harbourt,Arthur M. Friedlander,Christopher K. Cote
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209A call to action: molecular pathology in Brazil
Isabela Werneck da Cunha,Renata de Almeida Coudry,Mariana Petaccia de Macedo,Emilio Augusto Campos Pereira de Assis,Stephen Stefani,Fernando Augusto Soares
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210The influence of fixation on the cardiac tissue in a 1-year observation of swine hearts
Mateusz K. Holda,Jakub Holda,Mateusz Koziej,Kamil Tyrak,Wieslawa Klimek-Piotrowska
Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia.2018;47(6)501
211A histological atlas for the Palinuridae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Achelata): A guide to parasite discovery and spotting the abnormal in spiny lobsters
Erica P. Ross,Donald C. Behringer,Anabel Muńoz,David Díaz,Jamie Bojko
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology.2019;163(6)21
212FAX-RIC enables robust profiling of dynamic RNP complex formation in multicellular organisms in vivo
Yongwoo Na,Hyunjoon Kim,Yeon Choi,Sanghee Shin,Jae Hun Jung,S Chul Kwon,V Narry Kim,Jong-Seo Kim
Nucleic Acids Research.2021;49(5)e28
213Effects of supramaximal balloon dilatation pressures on adult cricoid and tracheal cartilage: A cadaveric study
Venkata S. P. B. Durvasula,Sara C. Shalin,Ozlem E. Tulunay-Ugur,James Y. Suen,Gresham T. Richter
The Laryngoscope.2018;128(6)1304
214Effect of formalin fixation and tumour size in small-sized non-small-cell lung cancer: a prospective, single-centre study
Heae S Park,Sungsoo Lee,Seokjin Haam,Geun D Lee
215Influence of water based embedding media composition on the relaxation properties of fixed tissue
Ivan Vuckovic,Tarek Nayfeh,Prasanna K. Mishra,Sigapriya Periyanan,Caroline R. Sussman,Timothy L. Kline,Slobodan Macura
Magnetic Resonance Imaging.2020;67(3)7
216Gelatin/ß–Cyclodextrin Bio–Nanofibers as respiratory filter media for filtration of aerosols and volatile organic compounds at low air resistance
Vinod Kadam,Yen Bach Truong,Jurg Schutz,Ilias Louis Kyratzis,Rajiv Padhye,Lijing Wang
Journal of Hazardous Materials.2021;403(3)123841
217Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Healthy and Infarcted Porcine Hearts: Study on the Impact of Formalin Fixation
Ria Mazumder,Seongjin Choi,Bradley D. Clymer,Richard D. White,Arunark Kolipaka
Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences.2016;47(1)74
218Pacific whiting frozen fillets as affected by postharvest processing and storage conditions
Jinhwan Lee,Jae W. Park
Food Chemistry.2016;201(1)177
219Influence of different fixation protocols on the preservation and dimensions of cardiac tissue
Mateusz K. Holda,Wieslawa Klimek-Piotrowska,Mateusz Koziej,Katarzyna Piatek,Jakub Holda
Journal of Anatomy.2016;229(2)334
220Application of Radiocarbon Dating to Forensic Investigation and Evaluation of Formaldehyde Influence on Radiocarbon Age
Wan Hong,N-E Chung,G Park,K H Sung,J G Lee,J-P Park
221A sunblock based on bioadhesive nanoparticles
Yang Deng,Asiri Ediriwickrema,Fan Yang,Julia Lewis,Michael Girardi,W. Mark Saltzman
Nature Materials.2015;14(12)1278
222Real-time Raman analysis of the hydrolysis of formaldehyde oligomers for enhanced collagen fixation
Yansong Wang,Yinlan Ruan,Bobo Du,Ji Li,Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem,Xuechuan Wang
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223Protein characterization of intracellular target-sorted, formalin-fixed cell subpopulations
Jessica S. Sadick,Molly E. Boutin,Diane Hoffman-Kim,Eric M. Darling
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224Protein characterization of intracellular target-sorted, formalin-fixed cell subpopulations
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Scientific Reports.2016;1437(1)55
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